In the past 2020, in addition to the sacred celebration of the 35th anniversary of establishment, Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 2 (PECC2) also faced many difficulties, challenges and fluctuations. In particular, the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, consecutive natural disasters, storms and floods had a great impact on our production processes, business activities and construction projects.  

Despite those disturbances, PECC2 still evinces a spectacular ability to overcome the 2020 challenges by successfully achieving its goals. Indeed, PECC2 was able to achieve its goals thanks to the close attention and vigorous support from Central and Local Authorities, from Vietnam Electricity (EVN), and especially thanks to our proactive and careful preparation that started many years ago plus the efforts and the solidarity of all PECC2 members.

The efficiency of PECC2's unique strategy is constantly promoted and reaffirmed, based on three main business fields: Power Engineering Consultancy, Business (EPC General Contractor, Mechanical processing and Equipment manufacturing, Power plant Operation Management) and Investment. In 2020, the Power Plant Operation Management Services, though newly developed, have reached the 1300MW milestone in terms of power sources operation, and the other business fields have also continued to follow a favorable development path.

In a context characterized by numerous fluctuations and challenges within the economy and the power industry, understanding the paramount importance of digital transformation, PECC2 will make comprehensive changes in management as well as in business operations, integrating them with digital transformation, creating a digital culture and environment, providing clients and partners with digital experiences and highest quality products and services, persistently striving to become a digitized company in energy sector by 2025. 

The theme “Establish a digital platform - Develop BIM services - Raise PECC2’s value” for 2021 embodies PECC2's goals, action plans and expectations for the upcoming journey.